About Credential Manager
About Credential Manager

About a new kind of Credential Management Solution

The Credential Manager solution we provide stemmed from a need for those on the internet to have a way to CENTRALIZE personal & marketing credentials and streamline their website operations.

With this credential management solution you can store for Each Website Activated:

  1. Unlimited usernames & passwords (Encrypted)
  2. Unlimited Links (Affiliate, Social, YouTube, Blogs, etc.)
  3. Unlimited embed codes (Video, Banner code, HTML Snippets, etc.)
  4. Unlimited Email associations (Yours, Website Support, Account Manager, etc.)
  5. Unlimited Security Questions/Answers for accessing your Website account
  6. A start-page link that has a button for you to use for an additional link
  7. A LARGE notes section that allows you to put in additional information about the activated website
  8. The login link is stored for you with each public area activation

You receive a credential management solution where you have a sophisticated storage & retrieval system for your Websites & the info associated with them that is easy to use & produces powerful results.

Additionally all the logins for your Websites are there with a login button that takes you right to the login page or your website activation.  

When a website is added to the system it's login information is stored and the site becomes available for everyone who is using that website to activate with their credentials. Currently there are {servicecount} websites in the database just waiting for you to activate them!

There is also a Top Referral URL process around this credential manager for members who add a new Website to the database.  If there is a referring process associated with the website added, the Referral URL added by that member will be the TOP referral URL for the Website added to the database forever and there is a visit site button that is linked to the Top Referral URL system wide.  So, if you added the website and anyone clicks the visit site button they are looking at YOUR referral URL for that website.

Additionally all members have an Affiliate referring process that is cookie based (For 1 year) and can be used with ANY credentialmanager.co link just by appending a ?refaqb= to the link.  As an example if your member ID were 200 then for the main landing page your affiliate link would be:  


With this link you can promote Credential Manager and when anyone joins under your link they are put into your hierarchy and are befriended too.

In addition, the WHOIS Registration information is stamped on every website added to the database so that you are provided with pertinent information about the Website being stored in the database.  You will find the creation date of the site, the registrar for the site, the location of the site and other pertinent information from the WHOIS information stored on the website in the Credential Manager database.  You just click the display button for any area of Credential Manager and at the bottom of the popup display box you will find the WHOIS Registration information for the website being displayed.

If you have any questions please let us know or submit a ticket for support.

All in all its a pretty cool social system

  • 01

    You are provided an affiliate system that is pretty nice. When someone joins under your link they are AUTO-BEFRIENDED to you and immediately in your circle of friends.

  • 02
    Multiple Chat Mechanisms

    Text, audio, video chat mechanisms available for you to use with your friends. Find a friend and make immediate one on one contact.

  • 03
    No Scam friends timeline

    We have filters in place to keep OUT known scams from the timeline & other areas of the system. You can relax in an Eco-friendly environment with your friends and their posts to you.

  • 04
    Vast Social System

    With this system you have central operations for your social presence online. You have blogs, profile, groups, pages, and more with RSS feed & subscribe buttons for your visitors engagement.